Let’s Celebrate National Punch Day

Don’t get the wrong idea – we mean punch, as in the drink! At Ricky Jordan’s Auto Repair we want to help you celebrate by having delicous homemade punch available for all of our customers on September 20th!

Let’s Celebrate National Punch Day with a toast to our customers. All customers and visitors who come to the shop on  September 20th will be treated to a refreshing homemade pitcher of punch.

National Punch Day

We will see you at the shop!


Get to Know our Team

Being a local small business means we typically have an opportunity to really get to know our customers and the community we serve. However, our customers may not always get the chance to know each of our team members – especially if they are busy working on your car.

We are excited to share a series of blog posts with you so that you can Get to Know our Team! Most bios found on websites will be job specific – how long has the person worked for the company, where did they go to school, and why did they pick their profession. We want it to be more than that, so we are going to share fun information you might not even know about your closest friends.

Be sure to follow along as we share a little bit about each of our employees over the coming weeks!


Partnering with our Community

An important part of our mission at Ricky Jordan’s Auto Repair is to be an integral part of our community. We actively network with our fellow business owners, and the organizations around our shop.

Recently we were alerted to a need at the Sweetwater Mission, and we have partnered with them to help them fill the need. In our continuing effort of partnering with our community we are pleased to announce that we are a drop off location for much needed personal care items for the needy families that visit Sweetwater Mission.

If you are unable to drop off items directly to Sweetwater Mission during their drop off hours, please stop by the shop and we will deliver to them bi-weekly.

Personal Care product donations

In a recent post on Facebook, they made the request below:

Personal care items are always needed at Sweetwater Mission. When you are stocking up to send your child off to college, consider buying additional items to drop off at Sweetwater Mission. Soap, Shampoo, Deodorant, Razors, Toothpaste, Tooth Brushes, Shave Cream, Body Lotion, Hair Conditioner, Etc. are all very much needed. Drop off hours: Monday-Friday 9am-12:30pm

Please consider dropping off some items when you come by for your next service, or simply stop by to say hello and make a donation. Be sure to follow Sweetwater Mission on Facebook to stay informed about other needs – the holidays will be here before we know it, and that is always a time of struggle for some families.

Thank you for helping us help the community!

What does ASE certified mean to you?

You’ve seen the sign. You’ve heard people mention it. But, what does ASE certified mean to you?

BSRP Recognized Business Logo with tag-horiz

Believe it or not – it’s not just another acronym. It really means something, and it’s important that you consider it when selecting an auto repair shop for your vehicle. ASE comes from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, and Master Technician status is when a technician passes and receives certification in all required testing areas.

The ASE tests are divided into test series, and they each cover specific disciplines within the automotive industry. When technicians are certified in tests A1 – A8 they are designated as Master Automobile Technicians. Upon becoming certified in test T2 – T8 they receive the designation of Master Medium/Heavy Truck Technicians. They also need B2 – B5 for collision repair, S1 – S6 for school bus, H1 or H2, plus H3 – H8 for transit bus and E1 – E3 for truck equipment. Once all certifications are complete they qualify as an ASE Master Technician.

This is not a once and done certification. Like many other certifications (for instance accountants, IT professionals, and others), it is important to continue your education and keep your certification current. Each Master Technician must recertify each test area every five years – letting any single requried certification expire will result in losing your status as a Master Technician.

When selecting a repair shop and technician, knowing they are ASE certified should be one of the key factors you consider when making your decision. What you need to know is, all repair shops with at least one ASE technician is permitted to display the ASE sign. What you may not realize when you see this sign is the fact that it may not be related to any of the technicians they have on the shop floor. If the owner is an ASE Master Technician, but not servicing vehicles, they can still display the sign.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have ASE Master Technicians on the shop floor? Of course, you would! That’s why Ricky Jordan’s Auto Repair employees ASE Master Technicians to work on our customer’s vehicles.

RJAR Logo white car, no background

Perhaps when you are making your final decision on a repair shop you consider price first. We all like to save money, don’t we? Even though it is great to save money instantly, when it comes to your vehicle it makes sense to consider the long term effects of using a quality shop and technicians to maintain your car. Proper care and maintenance can, and will, extend the life of your vehicle. And part of that is ensuring you are working with a reputable shop with highly qualified technicians.

You will never have to question this when you bring your car to Ricky Jordan’s Auto Repair. Our staff is fully trained on the most current updates related to all vehicles that come through our doors. We will never leave you guessing if you made the right decision.

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Winner! Wheels to Prosper Car Giveaway

Today is a great day! We get to publicly announce the winner of the 5th annual Wheels to Prosper car giveaway.

Jason Hammond was nominated by his wife Keva, in her very touching letter. With her permission, we would like to share the nomination with you.

2017-07-29 19.42.01

I would like to nominate my husband, Jason Hammond for Ricky Jordan’s Auto Repair/Wheels to Prosper 5th Annual Car Giveaway. Jason is one of the most selfless people I know, always giving of himself and his time to others. Jason is a father of four children in our blended family. I was a single mom with a 7yr old son when Jason and I married 15 years ago. He always told me that he wanted to add value to my life and he definitely has. I couldn’t have asked God for a better husband had he given me the flesh and bones to make one myself. When I was pregnant with our daughter, I wanted to stay home with her because I didn’t have an opportunity to do that with my son as a single mother. As an educator, it was important to me to provide her with a solid foundation. Jason, supported the idea and even took on another job to support our household. When I was pregnant with our youngest son, my cousin passed away from a rare but aggressive intestinal cancer. Before her passing she asked if Jason and I would raise her 5 year old daughter. My husband didn’t think twice about it. He said we are family and if that’s what she needs us to do, then that’s what we’ll do, that’s what families do for each other. At that time, he hadn’t met my cousin or her daughter, they lived in Portland, Oregon but he was willing to step in and care for the child. Our family immediately grew from 2 to 4 children overnight and Jason graciously accepted the assignment of dad to our deceased family member’s child and all of our children handling fatherhood like a champ. My cousin’s one wish was that we keep her daughter involved in sports. Jason signed her up for baseball and basketball. To this day, he remains her biggest cheerleader supporting her games, volunteering in the concession stand and driving hundreds of miles for an AAU tournament. As a teacher, I’ve had opportunities to travel and Jason is always willing to hold it down at home. Sometimes people will call on him to help move, borrow things, etc. Jason is always willing to give the shirt off his back and to put others needs before his own. There have been a few times where people have abused Jason’s gifts and his kindness. His response has always been, “when you give and do it from your heart God honors your giving. If others abuse your gift, that’s between them and God but it doesn’t take anything away from you.” He has a true servant’s heart. Jason and I have been married for 15 years and we have been blessed to be a blessing to others and we have been the recipients of many blessings. Over the years we have experienced better, worse, richer, poorer, sickness and health but God continues to make provision for us. 5 years ago I went through a really difficult time at my job and it caused me a great deal of stress. This troubled Jason because he could see that I wasn’t happy and my happiness has always been important to him. I ended up leaving that job for one that paid a lot less money, but my husband was determined that we would get through this tough time with God’s help. He always provided me with encouragement when he was really the one that needed to be encouraged. About 8 months later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was devastating news to me and my family. My children’s only experience with cancer was death so this was difficult for them to accept. I had a double mastectomy and my husband was there every step of the way. Jason took on the role of super dad being a caretaker to me and the children. He never missed a doctor’s appointment and always made certain I had someone to take me to chemo if he couldn’t go. He prayed for me, cried with me, cared for my drains and dressed me without ever complaining. Financially we’ve had so many struggles with job losses, illness and layoffs but through it all, Jason continues to give the best of himself each and every day. He’s always willing to sacrifice or go without so that the children and I are taken care of. When we first got married, my husband owned a motorcycle and he sold it to make ends meet for our family. Two years ago he lost his corporate job in accounting. This was another financial blow because Jason’s salary was the bulk of our income and as a part time employee, post cancer I don’t bring home much money and the medical debt continues to accumulate. Jason would find ways to generate income for his family. Sometimes during the holiday season he would fry turkeys or make cheesecakes. In 2012, we purchased a van. We were in need of a reliable vehicle at the time that would accommodate or family size. On Sundays when we went to church, we always had to take two cars because our family of 6 couldn’t fit in one car. Jason has always allowed me to drive the better vehicle because I had the children and he wanted us safe. He has a 17 year old Nissan Pathfinder that he had when we were dating. This car looks like it has seen its last days but my husband is thankful to God every time it cranks up. Three years ago, the Pathfinder wouldn’t pass emissions but it has been Jason’s only source of transportation. had to convince him to stop driving it because we couldn’t afford to keep paying for the traffic

tickets. Jason lost his job almost 2 years ago so he parked the Pathfinder in the garage and we started sharing the van. After months of temporary work, Jason decided to work for himself in October, 2016 doing something that he really loves, cooking. When he finished undergraduate school he went to culinary school just as a hobby. Cooking has always been a passion and he decided to step out on faith and do what he loves trusting God to grow a business and provide for his family. He established a regular client during the school year and he prepared and delivered small meals Monday- Thursday. The income he generated from this has helped to maintain a few bills. It was important for us to at least keep the roof over our heads. We couldn’t afford to invest in getting the Pathfinder fixed so we continued to share the van. We were 1 year away from paying off the van but on May 18, 2017 Jason picked the kids up from school and they were on the way to pick me up from work. Jason felt bad because I had been there almost 3 hours later than my scheduled time every day because I had to wait on a ride. It bothered him to have me waiting because his car wasn’t working. I reminded him like he always reminded me that we were in this together. I got a call from Jason saying that he and the kids had been in an accident as they exited 1-20. They were rear ended on Thornton Road by an elderly man. We found out three weeks later that our van was totaled and our family was left without a car. Once the insurance company paid off our car loan, we were left with a little over $2,000. By this time we were behind on a few more bills because Jason didn’t have the van to accept catering offers and he can’t deliver food in the Pathfinder, no tags. We decided that after the insurance paid the remainder of the car loan, we would take the remaining $2,000 and try to get the 17 year old Pathfinder fixed. We didn’t have enough money for a substantial down payment and we really can’t afford a car note. School begins in 3 weeks and Jason really does need another vehicle in order to make a living and grow his business. He has to be able to make stops to restaurant depot and deliver the meals that he prepares. Jason has always been willing to sacrifice and do what’s best for the family even if that means him going without. He makes time to volunteer at the school where I work and our kid’s school. He has prepared meals for our honors program free of charge as well as volunteered for many school functions. He’s always willing to help people in need. I’ve seen him stop to help people stranded on the side of the road, carry groceries for people in the store and return all of the runaway grocery carts of our neighborhood grocery store to the corral or inside the store. He’s the type of person that will pick up trash off the ground because he values the community.

Sometimes when he has left over food after making his delivery, he takes it downtown to Woodruff Park and passed it out to the homeless. He takes the children along for the ride to show them the importance of giving and also to remind them to be grateful for what they have because someone is always in a tougher position. I’m thankful that God has blessed me with such a giving husband. Although Jason often feels like he’s coming up short when it comes to taking good care of his family, I couldn’t have asked God for a better husband had he given me the flesh and bones to create one for myself. This man has driven this Pathfinder around for 17 years, thanking God every day that it would start and that he wouldn’t get stopped by the police. This car seems to be on its last leg. For the past 3 years it’s been in the garage because it won’t pass emissions. Once the van was totaled, I convinced him to get it out see about getting it fixed. That’s when he brought it to Ricky Jordan. He’s had a long history of receiving quality, affordable service from this auto shop. When I saw the flyer for the Car Giveaway, I immediately said to myself, I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a vehicle than my husband Jason Hammond so he can continue to be a blessing to others. He believes this is why God created us to be a blessing to each other on this earth. I thank God for the way that Jason. He gives to so many and he gives freely from his heart.

Thank you in advance for your consideration for my nomination of Jason Hammond.

Kindest Regards,
Keva Hammond

Any single reason Keva mentioned for Jason to win this car is deserving enough. Compile them all together and clearly he has shown that he will do whatever it takes for his family.

We were able to be very sneaky and hire Jason to do the catering for the event where it would be announced that HE was this year’s winner. Imagine his surprise when he showed up to cater a “special event” only to find out it was for him.

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If you are local, and you are looking for someone to cater your next event – please consider reaching out to Jason. His business is DFG Enterprises, LLC of Powder Springs, GA. He is in the process of getting his business page up and running on Facebook so check back if you need his information.

Congratulations, Jason, Keva and family! We are excited to see how you prosper going forward! If you have any words of encouragement and congratulations to share with Jason and his family, please leave a heartfelt comment on this post and we will forward them on.

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Ricky Jordan’s Auto Blog Launch

Welcome to our blog! We are officially launching in an effort to keep you updated on events happening at and around the shop.

We are looking forward to sharing stories from our staff and our customers.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Google My Business for updates and coupons that may not be listed here.

Although you will probably hear from me most often, we hope to have some of our other staff add some posts from time to time.

If you have any questions – feel free to email me at hstafford@rickyjordansautorepair.com!

Heather A Stafford; Marketing Director

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Wheels to Prosper 5th Annual Giveaway

Everyone at the shop is buzzing with excitement. Tomorrow is our 5th annual Wheels to Prosper car giveaway.

We received four heartfelt nominations, and can’t wait for the lucky person to walk through our doors tomorrow, to find the surprise we have waiting for him or her.

We enlisted the help of local business owners and members of our community to vote for this year’s winners. We are pleased to be able to partner with other business owners and organizations who share our vision and mission to help others.

We want to express our thanks to those who voted! Please consider supporting these businesses and organizations as we would like to make it our mission to support them whenever possible.

Thank you, Wheels to Prosper 5th Annual Giveaway

We would love to get so much support from our community that we are able to give away 2 cars at future events. Through the Wheels to Prosper program, we purchase quality used vehicles, work with local and national parts distributors, and local businesses to fund the repairs and raise money to help cover the taxes necessary to register the vehicle.

The nominees have typically had financial setbacks attributed to being laid off, medical circumstances or other unfortunate situations that are preventing them from having a trustworthy vehicle.

This year’s nominees include a single father, a father working multiple jobs to help his family and volunteer in his community, a young lady who works with special needs children, and a father/husband who has encountered every major roadblock, yet has persevered and remains a positive influence on those around him.

There is no denying that any one of the nominees could have easily won this year – each story more inspiring than the last.

Next year we would love to make this a larger community event, and move it to the fall so we can enjoy the weather outside allowing our customers, friends, family and local business owners to get to know our winner.

Stay tuned for our announcement of who the special winner is this year, and photos from the event.

Read our flyer below to learn more about it so that next year you can nominate someone.

Wheels to Prosper 5th Annual Giveaway

We can’t wait to read all the nominations next year!

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