Wheels to Prosper 5th Annual Giveaway

Everyone at the shop is buzzing with excitement. Tomorrow is our 5th annual Wheels to Prosper car giveaway.

We received four heartfelt nominations, and can’t wait for the lucky person to walk through our doors tomorrow, to find the surprise we have waiting for him or her.

We enlisted the help of local business owners and members of our community to vote for this year’s winners. We are pleased to be able to partner with other business owners and organizations who share our vision and mission to help others.

We want to express our thanks to those who voted! Please consider supporting these businesses and organizations as we would like to make it our mission to support them whenever possible.

Thank you, Wheels to Prosper 5th Annual Giveaway

We would love to get so much support from our community that we are able to give away 2 cars at future events. Through the Wheels to Prosper program, we purchase quality used vehicles, work with local and national parts distributors, and local businesses to fund the repairs and raise money to help cover the taxes necessary to register the vehicle.

The nominees have typically had financial setbacks attributed to being laid off, medical circumstances or other unfortunate situations that are preventing them from having a trustworthy vehicle.

This year’s nominees include a single father, a father working multiple jobs to help his family and volunteer in his community, a young lady who works with special needs children, and a father/husband who has encountered every major roadblock, yet has persevered and remains a positive influence on those around him.

There is no denying that any one of the nominees could have easily won this year – each story more inspiring than the last.

Next year we would love to make this a larger community event, and move it to the fall so we can enjoy the weather outside allowing our customers, friends, family and local business owners to get to know our winner.

Stay tuned for our announcement of who the special winner is this year, and photos from the event.

Read our flyer below to learn more about it so that next year you can nominate someone.

Wheels to Prosper 5th Annual Giveaway

We can’t wait to read all the nominations next year!

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